Comparison Between Plasma TVs And LCD TVs

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So itís time to finally give up that old cathode ray tube television and treat yourself to a modern flat screen TV instead. Plasma televisions and LCD televisions are both vying for your attention, so which decision would be the right one to make for you? But which one should you buy?

If you want a big television you might find that the biggest sizes are available as plasma screens. LCDs tend to be smaller to some degree, although the difference in size is not as prevalent as it once was. Consider your surroundings and the available space you have before you make your decision. It could be that this particular aspect is not relevant to your situation anyway.

Another thing you will often hear people talking about is the viewing angle that is available. If you sit off to the side of your current CRT television, you will soon lose half the picture. The further away you move, the worse it gets.

But with both plasma and LCD screens this isnít much of a problem at all. More people can view the same screen quite happily without having to sit right in front of it. Therefore, which plasma TV is ideal for your TV watching needs ?

You wonít be moving your new television all the time of course. But if you are looking for something that is light and easy to handle when you bring it home and set it up, you might be persuaded to look for an LCD screen. These are generally significantly lighter, which makes them easier to handle if you want to position them on a wall rather than on a stand.

In terms of the general life span of the screens, both plasma and LCD screens have around the same life span as each other. Of course you can never be sure if one will last longer or shorter than it would do on average. But it is good to know that they last around the same time in general.

Another similar factor to consider is the power you will need to pay for when your new television is being used. LCD screens are on the whole more energy efficient than plasmas, but itís worth remembering that both new screens are better with energy use than their CRT counterpart of old.

So you see there are lots of factors to bear in mind before you splash out some money on a brand new television. Whatever you think you might watch and however much you have to spend, it is important to ensure you have just the right TV for your needs - regardless of whether that is a plasma or an LCD.

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