Comparing Mineral Makeup with Traditional Makeup

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Mineral cosmetics are the latest buzz in Hollywood nowadays. Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Price and Gwyneth Paltrow are just some of the many Hollywood goddesses who have switched to using mineral cosmetics. As with the name, this makeup is made out of natural mineral ingredients which go under the strenuous process of milling and powdering. It does not contain dangerous chemicals that could harm the skin.

Minerals are sterilized and grounded into fine particles. Afterwards, it is then combined with iron oxide to produce different types of colors.

In using mineral cosmetics, you will be able to help yourself, your family, and even the environment. This makeup is composed of zinc oxide that keeps you safe from the harmful rays of the sun. It has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 25 high. UVA and UVB rays can cause wrinkles, discoloration and damage. It lets the skin breathe because of the microscopic flat crystals, and these crystals are comedogenic. Mineral cosmetics are very good for women with sensitive skin. They could also protect the skin from dirt and dust.

Mineral cosmetics may ultimately be considered family-friendly. Ingredients coming from traditional cosmetics can be very harmful, especially when it comes in contact with children. You have to choose cosmetics that are natural and free of any harmful chemicals. It should not produce any reactions that can cause allergy. Mineral cosmetics can make you beautiful while enjoying your time with your kids without jeopardizing their health.

Most women ignore environmental concerns for the sake of being pretty. Because mineral cosmetics are organic, you will not feel guilty about using these products because you do not contribute to the environment pollutants.

Because of technology, makeup has improved and has undergone different innovations. Mineral cosmetics are way beyond their competition because they are technologically advanced. They are definitely non-irritant and non-allergic because they are free from salicylate elements. You cannot find any bismuth oxychloride, dangerous dyes, talcs and carmines.

When women search for the best make up, they try to look for something that can last for a long time. Since mineral cosmetics contain loose minerals, they definitely can last for a very long time. They help you look fresh all day, plus you save more money in the end. They do not contain any colorants that can produce bacteria and organisms. You can stock these makeups for much longer and use them more unlike ordinary makeup.

There are times that women are not able to remove their makeup especially when they are busy and tired. With traditional cosmetics, doing this can really create harm on the skin but with mineral cosmetics, it will be very safe. You can sleep with your mineral makeup on and not worry that your skin will be damaged. This is how safe mineral cosmetics are.

So what are the reasons why you have to switch to mineral cosmetics? There are actually three: To be naturally beautiful, to promote safety, and to be environment-friendly.

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