Comparative Analysis of DISH Network and DirecTV

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With plethora of television service providers being available in every hook and corner of your locality the choice of selecting becomes really tough. The present day scenario is such that people have concentrated their choices more to Satellite TV. And in Satellite TV scenario there are two big companies that have established their strong footholds. Both the companies have their own programming packages and services that more or less identical. However there are certain aspects that enable DISH Network to score better than its hardcore competitor DirecTV. As a subscriber it becomes a tough job to make the right choice. Which one good –Dish Network or DirecTV, this question haunts them like anything. Sp let us have a thorough analysis of both the features of these two satellite companies so that we can come up with an effective conclusion.

Let us first deal with the aspect of the equipments that both the companies provide for its individual subscribers. In this matter DISH is in advantageous situation. Besides offering free installation up to six rooms, DISH TV also makes provision for offering satellite TV receivers completely at free of cost to all its valued customers. Apart from these DISH gurus also offer more for all its first time subscribers. For example, you can Free upgrade to HD DVR, 3 HD receivers for free of cost. Also to entice your desire to view good movies , DISH offers you free viewing of premiere movie channels namely HBO and Showtime at free of cost. In comparison, only a handful of DirecTV subscribers can get the facility of getting satellite equipments and accessories. Also for upgrading DVR DirecTV viewers have to spend additional money. No doubt Dish Network offers better service that DirecTV in this matter.

So far as programming packages are concerned DISH Network definitely has a better standing. There are wide ranging programs that Dish offers to all its valued customers. Whether it is sports, music, movies, politics or any other topic under the sun, you will find all from Dish TV channels. In other words people have expansive choice of selecting programs which is unthinkable in case of DirecTV subscription. Also the price of the packages is not beyond one’s reach. Like for example, you can subscribe to America’s Top 120 channels just at a cheap price rate of $24.99/mo. Such lucrative deal is unthinkable to any of DirecTV subscriber. Although DirecTV offers programs on varied topics like sports, music, movies and more its minimum price package is more expensive than that of Dish Network.

Customer satisfaction is another aspect that facilitates DISH Network to fetch some more praises than DirecTV. According to 2010 American Customer Satisfaction DISH Network has been declared to be number one satellite TV provider that offers best of the customer service. No other existing satellite and cable television providers can stand in comparison with it. In this way DISH Network has gathered all the accolades for its excellent customer handling strategies and troubleshooting methods.

DISH Network, the popular Satellite TV provider, provides packages and services for all types of people. Just go through them and select one of the DISH Network packages for yourself.

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