Communication for marketers

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In a communication model, there is the sender of a message and the message receiver. A medium of communication carries a message from the sender to the receiver. There may however, be interference (noise) in the communication medium used. The receiver then replies back to the receiver. This is known as feedback. Again, there might be noises in the feedback process. This is the communication process model.

Marketers should understand the communication model so as to better design their marketing endeavors so that noises do not happen and messages are properly communicated. In this way, they will avoid noises and make sure that their communication is well presented to their target audiences.

Basically, there are three forms of communication; textual communication, visual communication and oral communication. Textual communication is the writing of keywords that intend to provide information to an audience. Visual communication is portraying information through the use of photos or moving images. Oral communication is when information are said and heard.

These three types of communication, appeals to different people at different time in different locations. It is the marketers who should determine when and how to send the communication message to their target audiences. However, it is also true that visual communication is one of the most powerful means of communication.

There are several ways to obtain or create visuals for communication needs. Visuals can be obtained through paintings and drawings, through traditional camera, through digital camera, through scanners, through camcorder, through video camera among others.

The digital camera is one of the most important tools in product communication today. As compared to traditional camera, the digital camera saves the photos into its memory which can easily be transferred to a computer for processing. Digital camera in the business world should be used by professional photographers. These professionals should master the art of shooting, the art of lighting and the also art of elegance.

Another more practical way in creating product photos is through the use of digital photo studio. This photo studio is a simple way to create high definition product photos and interactive product animations. Also referred to as the creative lightbox, this workstation does everything that a digital camera can do, and much more. An intuitive equipment, the digital lightbox is easy to manipulate and product photos are instantly available for use or for upload on the website. This digital photo workstation can also create 3D animations of products and 360 product animations in a few clicks. Moreover, the photographic lightbox possess a constant lighting and cast shadows are not produced. The digital photo studio is the perfect tool for professional quality product photos.

Marketers should also know the various tools in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) which will help them attain their objectives. They should be acquainted with advertising, personal selling, public relations, sales promotion and direct marketing. Cultural knowledge and the consumer behavior of their target publics are essential so as to use the proper communication message and medium. Communication is the most important factor in a marketing campaign. Marketers should use the best way to transmit their message to their target audience. The proper use of product photos through digital photo studios is essential in getting fast, reliable and high definition visuals for immediate use. The mastery of product communication tools will help marketers achieve their marketing aims easily.

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