Common Tips About Make Up Before A Wedding Portrait

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The best wedding pictures are the ones where the bride and the groom seem to be carefree and indifferent to the fact that they are posing n front of the camera. The day the picture is to be clicked, the bridegroom should have a fresh haircut and completely avoid wearing a stiff collar. If wedding ties define the groom's personal taste, stick to it and do not opt for any last minute changes. Secondly, if he intends to wear one of his older suits; it would be better if he checks out the waistline or shoulder line for any hint of strain.

The bride too is advised not to go in for unconventional hair dos or styling, that might create last minute panic. The bride should check the attire of the bridegroom and wear clothes to complement him if she is not wearing the wedding gown. A boutonniere looks best only if it is smaller is size as compared to the lapel?s peak. And if the bride chooses to use a long corsage with her outfit, she should go in for a garment with a covered shoulder, to pin it.

To keep from spoiling her mood on her special day, she should not try any unfamiliar kind of makeup. Do not try new shads on this day. The bride?s eye makeup has to be a little subtle with less dark eyes and less use of eyeliners. The reason being cameras can sometimes make eye makeup look real bad.

Apply the blush carefully, by outlining the cheekbones and then filling in a lighter hue along the cheek line! A really light color in minimal quantities should be applied at the base of the chin. There should however be a good color, with a proper lining, for the lips. A light dusting or pressed powder should be applied in order to give a finished look to the face, neck and throat. The effect of the facial color is also softened.

At times, even photographers and their team also advise some make up to highlight the face and get better pictures. Assistants to photographers can also intervene and suggest while working on the make up at times. A natural grow can be achieved by the groom using tricks advised by the photographer. Just before the portrait is recording for the wedding album, a cologne stick can be rubbed on the forehead and upper cheekbones and on the areas which highlight the face, which should then be patted with a clean tissue.

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