Common Symbols in Logo Design

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A logo design is intended to be distinctive and different. Without this, the logo is ineffective. When we use common and old symbols in designing logos, there is little unique about it. Some logo designers believe in following trends but the trouble is that fads change constantly. This makes your logo outdated and obsolete.

Asides from being cynical about designing trends, there are a few symbols that are overly used in logo design. Now we all are familiar that excess of anything is not good, so let us beware of these commonalities. Below are frequently used symbols in designing logos:

1. Mobius:
Many companies are focusing more on environment-friendly measures. But in doing so, they use common logo concepts. The widely used of the eco symbols is the Recycle sign, three trailing arrows that create a Mobius strip.

2. Circular Rings:
One of the most widely seen logo design symbols is the ring symbol. Most popularly seen in famous logos like Olympics, Audi, and MasterCard logo, this symbol has excessively been used.

3. Swishes and Swooshes:
Swoosh sign is most popular in the Nike logo. But, over the recent years, it has been overly been employed by logo designers. They are used either in the form of singular or multiple swooshes. You can also witness this symbol in the likes of swooshy people, which are pointed three-pronged human shapes and a circular head.

4. Geometric Shapes:
Geometric shapes are also being regularly used in logos. Some of them include like triangle, square and circle shapes. The MS office logo will remind of this type of symbolism. Now when they are overly use clichéd geometric symbols create identical logos. You must know where to draw the line between logo inspiration and plagiarism.

5. Spherical Globe:
Yet another excessively applied symbol in logo designing is the sphere-shaped globe. You can see this symbol in a variety of famous brands like AT&T, Sony Ericsson and Symantec. Spherical shapes, placed either in a row or the unending loop, are common nowadays.

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