Common Questions About Breast Augmentation Surgery: Myths and Reality

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Breast augmentation surgery is becoming more and more popular with women who are unsatisfied with their current breast size. Still, it is important that women who are considering the procedure understand the reality of it. There are many untrue myths surrounding breast implants, although it is true that there are a few drawbacks of the procedure. Here are the most common questions about the procedure.

How much does breast augmentation cost?
It can cost between $3,000 and $10,000 or more. As a cosmetic procedure, it is usually not covered by health insurance.

How does the procedure work?
First, the plastic surgeon will make an incision in an inconspicuous place, usually the belly button or armpit. Then, a silicone or saline implant is inserted under the chest muscles, and the incision is closed.

What is the recovery period like?
Most women report being sore and tired after the procedure. Although it is not painless, most women return to work about a week after the procedure.

What are the risks of breast enlargement procedures?
The most common downside of breast enlargement is that the breast implants may not look natural enough. They may look too round, too uplifted, or too large. Be sure to carefully discuss the procedure and possible outcomes with a plastic surgeon if you are considering it.

Do breast implants interfere with mammograms or breast feeding?
Implants do not block the view obtained during a mammogram, and radiologists are trained to conduct mammograms on women who have breast implants. Nor will implants get in the way of breastfeeding children; those that require incisions around the areola may affect breastfeeding, but today most breast augmentation surgeries use incisions in the armpit or belly button.

Is there a danger of the breast implants rupturing?
Horror stories of breast implants rupturing are just not true. They do not rupture easily or often; in fact, less than ten percent of breast implants rupture within seven years of the procedure.

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