Common Misconceptions About Our Hair

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There are many misconceptions out there and none more so than about our hair. By far the most widely held misconception is that hair is alive and its´ condition can be altered by using some high-fangled commercial product.

Hair is only living matter at its base, below the surface of the scalp. Much like the tip of our finger nails, hair is dead matter and can be clipped and discarded. To keep hair healthy below the surface of the scalp, where hair is germinated or born, a good healthy diet is paramount and because hair is 100% keratin (protein), our diets should be make up of balanced protein, such as dairy products, poultry and meat. Good protein can also be found in nuts and beans.

Simple massaging of your scalp will stimulate the protein-supplying blood to feed the roots of your hair. This massaging of the scalp can be done when using shampoo and conditioners; use only the pads of your fingers to massage in the shampoo, not your fingernails as you could scratch the scalp and start an infection and possible skin disorders.

It may sound harsh but accept that the hair above the surface of the scalp is dead matter and the first thing to realize is that any product we may use on our hair is just a temporary fix. Some hair products work for a longer period of time, while others must be used on a more frequent basis.

Other misconceptions are that a shampoo alone can increase the overall health of the hair. A shampoo is designed to perform a single task, to cleanse the hair of excessive sebum, (natural oils) and impurities. The other misconception is that daily conditioning of hair will cause flatness or added weight, first things first, know how to condition the hair and understand the conditioner used, such as rinses, daily and deep conditioners.

The secret is to apply your conditioner from the mid shaft about 3 inches from the scalp, for the simple reason that the first 3 inches of hair closest to the scalp will receive an adequate supply of naturally occurring hair sebum. If you continue to condition this area it can become over conditioned, heavy and less manageable. When applying conditioner from the mid shaft, you should always use a wide toothed comb and gently comb down through the ends of your hair.

A spokesman for Fabriah professional hair products online said “from a very early age we torture and twist our hair to try to achieve the latest runway looks, but all we really want is shine, movement, volume, as some people do not understand hair and its makeup. This is where a good quality hair product outlet comes to the rescue; we can supply products to achieve all this and also help and give advice to customers about hair treatments, shampoos, conditioners, and protective products, at very affordable prices”.

Know your hair, buy the best professional hair products for your hair type and do not be advised by people that have misconceptions about hair as every head of hair is different.

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