Common Knowledge is Not Always Common….3 Side Effects You Must Know About at Home Teeth Whitening

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Like many celebrities, average people are putting themselves in the driver's seat when it comes to their image. At home teeth whitening products have evened the playing field to the sometimes elusive pearly white smile. Now, regular people have the chance to claim their inner celebrity and brighten their smiles.

Although the access to brighter smiles have become commonplace through at home teeth whitening products, the knowledge of disappointing side effects have not become common knowledge. When deciding to brighten your smile with at home teeth whitening products, make sure the product you choose does not produce the following long term side effects.

Extended Teeth Sensitivity

With the use of teeth whitening products, minor sensitivity can be expected, usually resulting from drinking hot/cold fluids, eating acidic foods, an even contact with the air. This can cause you some discomfort, however, there are several ways to avoid long term teeth sensitivity.

· Be sure to use products with desensitizing agents

· Use a desensitizing toothpaste containing potassium nitrate as an active ingredient

· Stay away from hot/cold fluids, acidic foods, and excessive contact with the air

Gum Whitening

Sometimes, when using whitening trays the gums may turn white from leaking whitening gel. Avoid this embarrassing side effect by using a product that feature a tooth whitening pen. The pen will allow you to better manage the direction the gel is applied to and provide adequate coverage of the whitening area.

Teeth Whitens Temporarily and Reverts Back to Yellow

Some whitening products produce very temporary results. Usually your teeth will remain white for a few weeks and slowly revert back to its original color. Avoid this by making sure the concentration of peroxide solution in the product used is above 10%. If this information is not clearly marked on the product's packaging, then contact the manufacturer to find out. A concentration of peroxide solution any lower will get you a temporary white smile.

---Sandi Summer achieved her celebrity smile by trying many teeth whitening products. In her quest to find the perfect one, she stumbled across this one which eliminates all 3 side effects above.

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