Common Hydroderm Beauty Cream Complaints You Need To Know

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Hydroderm has been a name synonymous with beauty for some time now. When a company has been in business for a lengthy period of time we tend to view their longevity as a sign of quality and trust. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case in certain situations. Before investing time - and hard-earned money - into an unfamiliar product, it's best to do your homework.

You might find it of interest to note some of the common complaints which have been received and noted from consumers who purchased the anti-aging and wrinkle cream from Hydroderm. Interesting to note, these complaints vary from disappointment due to failure to live up to "best wrinkle cream" boasting, to allegations of credit card abuse.

The claims from the company had promised a more youthful anti-aging effect when used as directed. However, many customers failed to notice significant improvement. Some say they found lower-priced creams to work just as well if not better. Other reported complaints regarding the product include swollen and burned skin. More unfavorable comments made reference to a chemical known as Paraben which is used in Hydroderm. Pareben is a preservative which is commonly used in cosmetics.

Some consumers however, have failed to read the fine printed details which explain that after the trial expires, automatic payments will be charged to the customer's credit card. A perfectly legitimate glitch, which seemingly relies on the consumer to overlook the small print.

According to reports from various complaints, these credit card charges continue approximately every six weeks until the customer calls the company to cancel the order and returns the product. Many consumers have also complained that they were unable to cancel forthcoming shipments after the time trial period. Some have claimed they were unable to change their credit card information as well.

Claiming the customer service is unacceptable; consumers have stated the company hasn't answered phone calls. Some have noted there doesn't seem to be a website for customer service either. On a side note, The Better Business Bureau has given the company a low rating quality of 'D'. All of these factors are meant to provide knowledge to the consumer.

In conclusion, being an educated consumer is your best defense when considering a credit card purchase through mail order. Remember to do your research before making that final purchase. Also check reviews online to get insight into what others have experienced. If you have doubts, check with the Better Business Bureau.

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