Common Features for VoIP Telephones

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Getting a new business phone system is important if you want to save money, especially if you are going to be dealing with long distance or international clients or need to often use the phone for conference call. VoIP communications services often come with a lot of features, some standard, some extra, that can be really helpful for work. These are a few options that may be particularly helpful.

First is the features that you are going to need, regardless of what kind of work you do. They are standard for offices these days. Call forwarding is extremely important. If a call comes in to one person but the client or customer needs to speak to a different employee, the ability to forward that call you their phone is key. Of course, to do this with ease you'll also need to set up extension numbers.

Extensions are essential for a business phone system that spans multiple employees and departments. While you'll always have clients who call the main line to find the right person to speak to, it's great if you can offer them an extension number so that the next time they call, they can get right to the person they need instead of being put on hold once again.

Speaking of your main business number, toll-free numbers are needed these days to attract clients and also make contacting your business easier. With an easy to remember number, you'll not only be easy to get to but you'll also look more professional than just giving out a number with a local area code.

There are other features that are not as essential but definitely helpful for your business. Voicemail to email is one cool option that many VoIP telephone systems have, where your voicemail messages go directly to your email. That way you get the information you need instantly.

For meetings, conference calling is important but you can also get the option of being able to record calls. This is great when you need to refer back to a conversation and hear what was said word for word, in case you forgot or missed something of importance.

Remember when setting up your business phone system that you take a look over what features can be provided and assess which will help your business the most. They'll make everything more organized and run smoother so you can always be in communication with the people you need to talk to.

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