Common Complaints About Hydrolyze

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There are so many different anti aging remedies and creams on the market today that it is overwhelming for the average consumer to even know where to begin. Hydrolyze is one of the various wrinkle creams made available for use. It is manufactured by Hydroxatone LLC and sometimes goes by the name Hydroleyes which is very confusing to customers who are trying to research the product to make an informative decision on which anti aging cream to buy. Hydrolyze has a website dedicated fully to claims and promises of gratification and results saying that this product will not only make those dark circles under the eyes disappear but that it also fades fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area all within two months of use.

Although some alleged customers seem to enjoy this wrinkle cream, there are many reports and reviews of Hydrolyze from customers who have various complaints about the product and the company it self. The most common complaint by people who have used Hydrolyze is its ineffectiveness to deliver the results promised by the website and commercials. There are some claims from customers that say they had used they had used the cream for more than two months with no results, some claiming to have used it for four months or longer with no results. There are even some reports from people saying that Hydrolyze not only didn't help their skin but actually caused rashes and irritation where ever the cream was applied.

The price of this product is similar to the price of other creams in its class which is quite expensive for the average consumer being around $60.00. Most people don't mind paying more for a product if it produces visible results and satisfaction, however many people complain of paying such a high price for a product that didn't work for them.

Some other complaints have to do with the actual company in itself. Hydrolyze has an easy shipment and payment plan. Customers can give a credit card number or account number as to be automatically billed and the product then automatically shipped to their door. Most people who reported that they went with this option and then canceled have had problems getting the company to cooperate. They claim to have canceled their order of Hydrolyze only to have the shipments still arrive and their accounts still being charged. It is a hassle to try to return the product but even more tedious trying to get their money back.

If you are looking for or planning to use any new product, it always pays off to do some research and read what other people have to say about it. It is also a good idea to get the free trial offered on the website first if you decide that you want to go with this wrinkle cream, and then you can see if it works for you.

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