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These days many more of us are aware of what we do and the effects that this can have on the environment. This means that we are recycling more and remembering to switch off lights when we leave a room. These are all great changes and every step however small is a positive one however what we really need to look at is the amount of electricity we use and if this is being wasted.

This is all to do with making sure that the appliances we use are effective and working the way that they should do. This is the same for home and work places, both are just as essential.

Whether you own your own home, you are renting or you are a landlord, the efficiency of your energy equipment should be at the forefront of your mind.

For this reason you should look at arranging to obtain energy performance certificates (EPC). It doesn’t matter whether you are after domestic or commercial EPC because they are just as essential. In fact since late 2008 whenever a building is sold, rented or constructed you must by law have an EPC. This means that you can get a rating on your building and just how efficient this is. The grade usually averages at a D, with anything between an A and a G possible.

As part of the EPC grade that the building is rewarded you are also given ways and means that you could try to improve the efficiency of your building. This means by following those steps you have every chance of improving your grade.

Commercial EPC works in much the same way – checking work places for how efficient they are and suggesting ways that you may wish to look at improving your energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency is not just about helping the environment but by having appliances that waste energy you could end up spending more money on your energy bills then is necessary. Which I am sure is something that you want to avoid as much as possible. These are easy and cheap to arrange, so you should look at getting one done as soon as you can. offers Commercial EPC for both commercial and domestic customers. We’re priced for a competitive market; visit our site for more information about Commercial EPC.

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