Comics are not just a Fun

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Some start their session with a story that creates fun and excitements, some start with sharing their experiences or offering comics to kids. However teachers which keep their students, enjoying the class are never slipped from the memory.

Teachers must know that the fun raising or entertaining sessions must not last too long and also not take kids towards bad habits. They must ensure that whatever they share with kids whether it is a comic book, a story or whatever must motivate learning skills.

The result of such way of teaching always benefits kids throughout their life. Whenever they communicate with anyone, they keep themselves light and happy and in this way they develop a good character.

Comic books are considered as one of the best way of teaching and educating kids for many topics such as society, family, health, technology and so on. Teachers and parents understand that if a topic is covered with the help of graphics and images will make kid's mind to pick the idea better than from rough books which only contain words.

However there are some of them who also dislike comics with a belief that comics stop reader's imagination because when a graphic image is already there how it can be imagined? Also they think that the abilities to read words-only books lessen if a habit of reading comics is developed. But this is limited to a myth and has nothing to do with reality because this theory becomes false on Shakespeare's plays where people can just see, not imagine. Those plays have got high fame around the world but people never stop taking interest in them.

Parents often face their kids' reading difficulties and fail to bring out a reader from their young ones. Some say "My little Mitchell always fails in oral test" and some say "I am losing my temperament for his reading weak point" but when they experience comic books for their kids they really find a best solution and say satisfactory words such as "I never thought that he will be a good reader"

There are more than 90 % of kids who use to read comics and ease their reading activities. Not only for educational purposes but also for social or health related issues which over the time are difficult to teach kids can be covered through medical comic books. Comic books have full of variety of categories, you can buy not only entertaining stuff but you can also buy medical comic books such as (ADHD comic books, Diabetes comic books and Asthma comic books etc.) from medical comics shop or cartoon comic books, graphic novels for getting disease awareness for kids.

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