Comic Books Prizes - Were You Aware The Appealing Comic Books Are Truthful Art work?

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If you believe of comic books, one of the last points you feel about is if any comic books receive any accolades. Is there such a factor as comic book awards?

Apparently you can find. In America alone, there are many organizations that the awards are given to distinct comic book genres.

Among the principal firms that provide awards to the comic book industry is known as The National Cartoonist Society Awards, which houses fifteen categories. A panel of judges does the selection. There are regional chapters and also the general members do the voting.

An additional comic book award organization will be the comic buyers guide fan awards. The very first year the awards had been handed out was in 1983. The awards are broken up into several various categories from favorite publisher to favorite inker to favorite comic book hero. In 2003, the most existing year you'll find statistics, the favorite publisher of comic books was DC, which held a forty-six percent majority, with Marvel receiving about twenty-three percent. Dark Horse had a merger two percent (rounded up) of the votes. The favorite comic book was the JSA (Justice Society of America) with virtually eight percent of the votes. The favorite comic book hero was Batman with a small a lot more than fourteen percent of the tally.

Americans aren't the only country to give out awards for the comic strip and comic book industries. The now defunct Eagle award came hailed from England. Furthermore, England has, up until the year 2002, an award organization referred to as the National Comics awards where a panel of judges award the very best comic of the year. All other awards are nominated by everyone and are open to every person.

France, Spain and Japan all have their equivalent awards.

France has an award referred to as the Grand Prize of the City of Angouleme where a living author, cartoonist or scriptwriters are recognized for their lifetime contribution.

In Spain, one of the awards given is referred to as the Haxtur Awards. The Haxtur Awards celebrate the best long story, best short
story, best cover and a host of other awards that are given annually.

The Japanese have a slew of awards. One of them is called Japanese Cartoonists' Association Awards. The nominations are open to all artists who submit their work. The Association creed is the enrichment and expansion of cartooning in Japan. Another example of Japan's dedicated environment for fostering the art of comic books and its artist's is the Media Arts Awards. Its inception was in 1997 and like its counterpart, all nominations are based on artists who submit there works.

These countries, others not mentioned, and ours aid spread the word on comic books and their wide assortment of personnel. The bylaws in their charter differ in there nomination process as well as the awards given out, but they represent an industry that achieves greatness by means of their respective works.

To obtain tributes is an honor and helps sustain the business. Bestowing the awards also helps the respective nations lure prospective artists inside their country to seek out jobs related to the field. The awards and the ceremony support cement the artists along with the comic books.

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