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I imagine just about everyone, at some point in their life, has read at least one comic book. In fact, even if you haven't read one, you probably have watched a movie about superheroes. Many leaped to film successfully, such as Batman, Spider-Man and the X-Men, and attracted audiences that don't read comics. Each movie has created its own fan base, sometimes separate from the comic book itself. However, those that were really drawn to the movie and can't wait for the sequel go into the hobby of collecting actual comic books

However, comic book reading can take out a bit of your time and money. New comic books are released every week and for an average reader, who reads anywhere from 5 to 30 comic books weekly, it does take a chunk of your time and your allowance. I have experienced this situation before when I was still a student. Back then comic scans where non-existent and I had to buy each comic book that I liked every week otherwise I feel like I'm falling behind. Even with comic scans, though you might save money, it will still intrude in your busy life especially if all you like is to know what's happening.

For this reason, I have established a site called ComicBookSummaries. In my spare time, I summarize each comic book that I read and share them with the world, specifically targeting people who want to be updated, but don't have the time to read. The summaries that I put here are free of opinion and is simply just a story telling of what happened in a specific comic book. There are already a lot of comic reviews out there and so I do not want to dip my foot into posting reviews.

Check out my site Comic Book Summaries to know what's currently happening in the comic book world and not take too much time from them. There's a lot to be learned and loved about comic books and this is just my way of sharing my appreciation for them.

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