Comedy And Magic Combined

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I read an article (actually a series of articles) by Brian Mille entitled "Comedy in Magic" and they inspired me to add my own 2 cents to this topic. of comedy magicians. First, I should say that I'm in no way affiliated with Brian, I don't even know him. I just thought it appropriate to give him credit since he inspired this short writing.

Now, I have to say that I am NOT a comedian, nor am I a magician. So. you might think... hmm, this guy really shouldn't be writing an article about this stuff. Well, I beg to differ, AND I'm not writing this as an expert in the field, I'm writing it as an expert in the audience. God knows that I have been in enough audiences to have an opinion and so that is what I'll offer.

Brian points out right away in his article that budding magicians who spend money on props and magic gadgets should not be asking "is the trick funny", rather they should ask "am I funny". Amen to that. I hate that awkward feeling I get when a comedian just doesn't have that "thing" they need to sell a joke. It seems like some Comedy magicians are just people who have an inclination towards magic, but no comedy skills to speak of. These guys are painful to watch. While others can use a rubber duck and a ball point pen and make me laugh my ass off.

OK, so based on that simple comment from Brian, I'll offer my two cents. It seems to me that the comedy magician must do only two things. Comedy and Magic. Of the 2 trades, I think one is mostly natural while the other can be a practiced skill. Comedy, while it can be academic... something that is studied and learned, seems to be mostly a gift. So I'd have to say that if you were born without the funny bone, you should consider aiming your magic presentation towards the dramatic (i.e. David Copperfield). Of course, I'm just one of the people who buy the tickets, I don't pretend to know anything about life on the stage.

Hopefully this brief article is helpful to someone. All the best,

About the Author: C.J Pennington. I personally love my job. Writing for the web is only half of it, the other half is learning from all of the fascinating research I do. I love seeing magic performed and I happen to live in Denver. I can speak from personal experience that if you are looking for a pro in comedy magic, especially comedy magic services, you can't do better than Keir Royale.

This article is an observation by CJ Pennington. As a freelance writer and research enthusiast, CJ writes on subjects ranging from comedy to luxury watches. For more about Comedy MagicJ, visit

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