Comcast Customers Turning to Dish Network

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‘Tis the season for holiday bargains right up until Christmas . People are shopping for their electronic essentials and splurging a little more on Blue Ray players and High Definition TVs. Consumers who finally get their hands on the flat screen or plasma of their dreams usually desire a TV service provider who offers a great quality picture so they can watch TV the way it was meant to be watched in their new home theater. This is the time when many people reevaluate the quality of their service and question whether there is something better and perhaps even cheaper out there.

Satellite TV call centers start to explode with new customers calling to sign up for HD service. The question that many consumers have is whether or not to leave the cable company they’ve known so well for years and try something new. Those who are convinced that they want a crystal-clear direct signal weigh their decision between DirecTV and Dish Network. Which one is better? Who has the most HD? Will the prices change? Don’t leave out the most important question of all, how is the customer service? After all, it doesn’t pay to have better quality if you are not going to have a smiling face at the end of your line when you call with a question or concern.

It seems that cable customers are now becoming more confident to cut ties with their current providers and take a chance with satellite. One thing you can expect is that your monthly bill will not fluctuate the way it does with cable companies. For example, Dish Network has maintained the same price for America’s Top 120 over the past two years. Package prices for new Dish customers have changed by just two dollars over the past two years. Another great thing about Dish Network over cable is the fact that you do not need to decode your billing statement. The only charges you will see are your monthly programming, receiver cost (if you have more than one receiver for two TVs) and state satellite tax. Keep in mind that many states do not even charge satellite tax, at least not yet.

Comcast is not only raising the cost of television service, they are also charging extra for some of their higher-tiered internet packages. We all have to admit that broadband internet is not too shabby. In fact, its speeds are very competitive with other providers. What they might not have been prepared for is the new providers that have recently entered the market like Verizon Fios and Clearwire. Fios internet is not cheap by any means but the speeds offered are comparable to broadband speeds so it gives consumers another option if it is available in their area. Clearwire is fairly new and has not reached everyone yet, but the monthly cost is very low for the high speed that they offer. There is no way I would have cable internet right now if Clearwire was in my area. Customers who live in areas where Comcast has the monopoly over internet service may need to reduce the speed of their internet and downgrade simply to maintain their budgets. Those who need to maintain their internet speed for classes or work will in turn have lighter wallets.

The almighty bundle is not what it used to be. Many people are discovering that having two or even three separate services for TV, phone and internet is the cheaper alternative to the cable bundle. For example, America's Top 120 with Dish Network is normally $39.99 but is only $24.99 per month the first year. A 3 meg internet package through Clearwire is about $30.00 per month. Drop your landline phone and use the cell phone you pay for anyway and you have yourself a reasonable and, better yet, stable monthly cost. You might opt to go for a DSL like AT&T if Clearwire is not available yet simply for the cheap standalone internet packages they offer without a phone line.

Cable companies manage to rake in new customers with the bundle concept because originally bundles used to save us money so plenty of people are drawn to the concept. The truth is that the bundle has ultimately lost its flair. Customers that sign up for bundles usually do so because the introductory rates are attractive and the prices are sometimes even locked in over a specified period of time. When the promotions are over, you will most likely know it when you look at your billing statement and see that your cost has doubled. This is where Dish Network comes in...when the customer is tired of fighting with the billing department over phantom charges on their account, doubled rates and getting nothing but an unempathetic ear on the other line with customer service. If you want to order new TV service for the last time, then you must get Dish Network. Now might be a good time because something tells me January is going to be a very busy month.

By: Francis David

Francis helps people understand the DISH Network TV Service the DISH Network Packages and Channels. He has all of the DISH Network Special Promotions and Deals for new customers.

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