Combine a Reverse Phone Lookup with a GPS System

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There is a cool new exhibit going on at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle: GPS Adventures. It is an educational exhibit that explores all phases of GPS technology - "its history, current uses and future possibilities".

Hearing about it causes my mind to gravitate to all things technological and how we can use and combine them to make our lives better. For example, GPS systems go hand-in-hand with reverse phone lookups. Determine whom the strange phone number on your Caller ID belongs to, and then trace their identity and location. Cool!

Say, you do a reverse phone lookup on the number that repeatedly appeared on your husband's cell phone after his business trip. And the time of those calls? The middle of the night! Get the name and address of the caller (What? Of course it's a woman!) and start trailing both his and her phones with your GPS until you find them both together. Then go and surprise them. Good luck!

Or, your teenage daughter who is not yet allowed to date is seeing a boy behind your back. How do you know? You checked out the owner of the number - from whom she repeatedly gets texts and calls - via a reverse phone lookup. Now all you have to do is watch and reel them in slowly. Monitor their respective locations on a GPS, and - bingo! - one night, when you are supposedly held up at the office, her phone goes to visit his. You call her cell and she says she is at home doing homework, but at that very moment you are actually at his door, ringing the bell. Classic!

Now I know the GPS and reverse phone lookup technologies may not have been invented with these particular uses in mind, but public safety comes in different shapes and sizes and its maintenance often requires ingenuity. Don't thank me for the ideas, just pass 'em on.

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