Combat The Forces Of Nature Ė Become A Fire Officer

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Although our ancient forebears quickly discovered how to start fires as necessary, fire isnít content with just allowing itself to be turned on and off as humans require it. Forces of nature in fact make one realise that ultimately, despite how far humans have come in terms of adaptability, sophistication and knowledge, we are still very much at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Despite this, far too many people are way too complacent about fire and fire safety in general. For instance, did you know the majority of fires are entirely preventable and that around three quarters of them happen in the home? House fires can be caused by anything from faulty kitchen equipment, faulty electrical wiring or just a carelessly placed or discarded cigarette.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is an accepted NO GO but cooking under the influence can also be just as Ďdetrimentalí to your health. Alcohol impairs judgement and slows reaction time and people have accidentally started fires because theyíve been drunk when cooking. Often itís simply because faulty smoke detectors havenít warned them of danger in time. They leave something unattended on the stove or accidentally place something flammable too close to the heat source and donít notice until itís too late.

Help Save Lives By Keeping Your Fire Officer Certification Current

As a Florida Fire Officer I and paramedic Iím often frustrated by the cavalier attitude many people have to basic home safety in general and in particular around potential fire issues. Simple things like making sure your smoke detectors are maintained and in good working order will help ensure you and your family have enough warning to get out in time should your house catch fire. Getting your electrical cabling periodically checked by a licensed electrician will reduce the chances of fire caused by faulty wiring. Itís also not a bad idea to consider getting a trained safety professional to perform an audit on your home either.

Become A Fire Service Instructor And Help Educate Our Public

Structural fires pose a huge threat to people and our Fire Officers and Fire Inspectors are trained in private fire protection systems, fire prevention practices and systems, codes and standards and in safe building construction related to the fire service. We also act as public information officers and as trained fire and life safety educators.

Are you one of the many thousands of fire fighters here in Florida who has risked your own life to save others and been frustrated because the situation was entirely preventable? Teaching and education are key ways to overturn this situation and by becoming a fire officer, fire inspector or fire instructor you can contribute to this education.

Ricky Rescue Training Academy provides online fire certifications for Fire Officer 1, 2, 3 and 4, Fire Inspector 1 and 2, Fire Instructor 1 and 2 and Fire Investigator. These are convenient, open enrolment style, approved Florida Fire College courses, many of which can be completed totally online. The blended learning courses however do have a full day in person component where you attend one of their classroom sessions in Fort Myers, Daytona Beach or Tallahassee.

E-learning versions of Florida State Fire College courses such as Fire Inspector 1 can be sourced through certified training centers like the Ricky Rescue Training Academy. Contact them for details at 239.240.7915

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