Colorado Salvage Yard Environmental Concerns

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Salvage yards in principle are of great benefit to the environment. They reduce the number of items being stored in landfills and promote recycling through the sale of parts and scrap metals. However it has been recognized that some of these salvage yards may add to environmental pollution through waste mismanagement and improper storage. For this reason the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and other environmental agencies make it their duty to keep owners of salvage yards aware of the potential for environmental pollution. Where as landfills will cause environmental pollution by the creation of methane from the decomposition of organic matter and the indirect contamination of underground water supplies, salvage yards may produce environmental pollution via some of the processes that they may carry out.

A typical salvage yard will obtain vehicles that are no longer in service. These vehicles will be stored in large lots where they will be dismantled as the need arises or before the demand is apparent and placed in show rooms. However during the process of pulling down these vehicles contamination of the environment may occur through the drainage of toxic fluids. For this reason most salvage yards are required to get official licensing from the associated state department. The licensing of these salvage yards are carried out to ensure that the lot and indeed the entire operation meet the required standards.

The function of a salvage yard is still very essential. It is said that millions of cars are manufactured on an annual basis; many of these will end up in salvage yards that will recycle their parts and metals for future use. In states like Colorado, the objective is to ensure that these salvage yards operate within environmentally friendly conditions. Certain laws have been drafted and implemented which dictate how industries must carry out waste management. These laws are very vital in the fight against environmental pollution.

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