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Books with history are incredible - some of the best antique books tell a story before the covers are even opened! Since the pen and paper were invented we have been fascinated by books - they tell stories that no other medium can, not even music or films. There are certain people, and you are probably one of them, who love nothing more than relaxing by a fireside and reading a good book (or when on holiday, reading a book for 99% of the time you're there!).

With advancements in technology the Internet has brought about the opportunity for Antiquarian Book Dealers to reach a larger audience, offering their books through an online store - thus reaching millions, if not billions of people worldwide!


As you would expect with any book dealer, especially one that trades online, you need to know the company or person you are dealing with. Do they have their contact details on a website? Do they openly offer their address and phone number, or are they impossible to contact? Do they allow you to visit their bookroom and bindery or are they secretive?

All of these questions must be answered, because if they're not, and you're interested in a book that's going to cost a lot of money, there's a good chance you will be scammed.

Amazing Variety

The incredible thing about the Internet is that it has opened up so many doors for antique books! Whilst you may still enjoy searching for a bargain, or a long lost book that you so desperately want or need for your collection - the Internet now allows you to do all of that from the comfort of your own home! Certain Antiquarian book experts have websites that list hundreds of amazing books that you would never have found using the traditional method, and at prices that are very reasonable.

If you're keen on finding a book, manuscript or any other form of literature, make sure you search online before you go outside spending money on a long search!

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