Collagen Cream Can Kill You...

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I'm going to be telling you about a chilling multi-billion dollar dark scandal taking place in the anti-wrinkle cream market...RIGHT NOW. It's an alarming scandal that is cheating you out of a lot of your good money...Your time...and (worse!)... is robbing you of the benefits you should be getting from these products.

Here is what the potential scam is all about: Collagen is often added into "expensive high-end" anti-wrinkle creams. Collagen is naturally produced in our skin and gives it its stength and elasticity. As we age our skin's ability to replace damaged collagen diminishes. This process eventully leads to logic would say its supplementation would help regain our skin's youthful looks, right?

No, Wrong!

Collagen in most creams is derived from either cattle (bovine) or bird (avian) sources. Collagen in cosmetics cannot (once again, cannot) penetrate the skin. (And thank God it cannot... otherwise we'd all have perpetual allergies.)

Let me give you an analogy. Imagine you live in a brick house and your neighbor is throwing bricks at it. Will your walls become stronger or smoother?

Of course not! Those bricks will simply lay scattered on the ground. The same happens when you apply an anti-wrinkle collagen cream.

Collagen is a LARGE molecule, it does not penetrate the skin but stays idly on top of it, only to be washed off during your next shower.

Listen to what Dr. Ruben said in an article in the New York Times: "Collagen doesn't penetrate." Dr. Ruben explained "You can't get the collagen molecule into your skin. It's like taking a steak and rubbing it on your skin to try to make your muscles large."

These products may also potentially expose you to the dangers of "prions", the carriers of "Mad-Cow Disease", a condition which causes progressive brain degeneration...or worse "Bird Flu" which causes death.

Remember, only Collagen produced within our skin helps improve our skin's firmness and elasticity.

But, Relax! I'm going to share with you exactly how your body can produce its own Collagen. There is an ingredient that helps do EXACTLY this.

It's called, Ascorbyl Palmitate.

Applying Ascorbyl Palmitate to your skin helps dramatically plump up thinning skin by increasing its production of NEW COLLAGEN.

By Ascorbyl Palmitate stimulating your own collagen production there is no known risk of allergy, no immune reaction and no injection-induced infection. Just natural collagen being deposited in an orderly fashion...rabidly bringing back with it your skin's softness, strength and elasticity.

But wait! There's more, Ascorbyl Palmitate also does the following:

Antioxidant: Ascorbyl Palmitate is an antioxidant--a substance that vanquishes free radicals, those vicious molecules that irreparably damage our cells and accelerate the aging process.

Blood Capillary Strengthener, Ascorbyl Palmitate strengthens blood capillaries...meaning fewer broken capillaries are visible on your face.

Enhance Skin Brightness: Got "age-spots" or "liver spots?" We all have them. They form because of hyperpigmentation; a condition in which patches of our skin become darker in color than the normal surrounding skin. The good news is application of Ascorbyl Palmitate helps regulate the production of dark color producing cells. It helps correct and restore the balance to lackluster skin dark blotchiness. This evens your skin tone and results in a dramatic improvement in skin radiance.

Prevents Transepidermal Water Loss: Ascorbyl Palmitate helps reduce, evaporative water loss from your skin, thus retaining moisture in the skin.

Want proof of the truth behind the above claims?

Let's review the last 30 years of overwhelming clinical studies, instead of all those artfully worded glossy ads splashed in fashion magazines.

Researchers in Germany concluded: Application (of Ascorbyl Palmitate's analog) in vivo resulted in a significant reduction of oxidative stress (another word for free radical damage) in the skin, an improvement of the epidermal-dermal microstructure and a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles in aged skin. These results were received within a relatively short period of time of...(Ascorbyl Palmitate's analog) application.

Tulane University School of Medicine, in a review of the thousands of studies (way too many to list) on the benefits of Ascorbyl Palmitate's analog on our skin concluded:

"A significant body of scientific research supports the use of cosmeceuticals (another word for cosmetics) containing (Ascorbyl Palmitate's analog)...benefits include promoting collagen synthesis photoprotection from ultraviolet A and B, lightening hyperpigmentation and improvement of a variety of inflammatory dermatoses (a skin disease) Because of the diverse biologic effects of...(Ascorbyl Palmitate's analog) has become a useful part of the dermatologist's armamentarium."

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