Colics and Granny Smith

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The good news for all colic sufferers is that it is only temporary but the bad news, just how long is temporary.

I am not sure what kind of pain comes with dying but if ever there was a feeling of the end nearing it was in the temporary moment of my own experience where the excruciating agony was to leave me fearing for my life.
Approx 15% of children suffer from colic and the alarming thing about it is our medical world is baffled by what exactly triggers the condition. Doctors can not agree on most theories that have been raised therefore making matters more difficult when suggesting and prescribing treatment and medicines.
One of those theories to give reason why this sort of cramp flares up is said to be that a child's intestines are working overtime (hard) another theory raised by the medical profession for colic has us to believe it can be caused by laid back bowel movements (slow) thus allowing air into the bowel causing the intestine to swell giving cause for pain.

Within 2/4 weeks after giving birth this stomach upset can start and can run for a 3 month spell.

If baby is a sufferer then he/she may cry for up to 3-4 hours very loudly. No dummy or mothers TLC can take the pain away but it will certainly help in comforting them. Spasms usually kick in about the same time twice daily, this can vary.

Bowel pains can give cause for baby to scrunch the body pulling the feet up to the chest with clenched fists. Stomach rumbles burping or passing wind can be evident also.
As a parent you know your child better than anyone so if you notice any change in your infants health giving you reason for concern, colic related or not please consult a doctor. Symptoms can be identified to other ailments so it is best to make sure.

Babies are a lot stronger than you could imagine and will outgrow spasms of colic. Any doubts you may have where it interferes with baby's development then I suggest you put them thoughts to the back of your head.

Colic in babies can prove to be an ordeal for parents who have tried every thing possible to comfort the infant. Lack of sleep is the main cause behind the enormous amount of stress laid upon the parents at this trying time. Mum and dads have been known to lose control of their temper and intend to bawl and shout, thus frightening the baby. (Unintentional in most cases) What we have to remember, baby is also tired and is the one in pain.

If ever I thought the last rights was in order was the night I suffered a bout of colic. The doctor's theory was down to the consumption of a citrus fruit or drink on an empty stomach, and how right he was.

Granny Smith in the form of a juicy green apple was the culprit behind this vicious assault that was to leave me living in fear of the forbidden fruit.
I was lucky to find the answer for my suffering but where do the answers lie for the newborn whose only connection with a granny is one who will love them till there dying day.

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