Cold Calling in Call Centers

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A major function of the call centers is to get new subscribers for the brand. In the traditional method, the outbound call center agents are supposed to make calls to a potential group of consumers. The database is segregated according to the targeted demographics. This task falls under the purview of lead generation services. To be specific, the process of making random calls to get subscribers onboard is called cold calling. It must be noted here that cold calling is not a preferred choice when you are conducting a business to business project. Business heads do not like to receive cold calls from call center services. It comes across as a bad impression about professional approach. For business to consumer projects, cold calling can be effective. In this article, letís find out how this method can help sales lead generation.

More than the act of selling, what cold calling achieves is that it informs the market about a particular product or service. Call center agents make cold calls to a wide assortment of consumers. This form of telemarketing services is a time-tested way of reaching out to the consumers at the grassroots level. Connecting with prospective consumers through the telephone is also an intimate mode of communication. When you can directly connect with your consumers, you can tell them about the products and services without any part of it lost in the translation through media channels. It may be that the brand does not have a marketing budget to accommodate TV and radio slots. In such cases, the ideal way to promote products or create a buzz is through the help of the outbound call center.

The selling comes as an additional bonus in the cold calling arena. Usually the consumers ask for time when the call center agents tap them. Very few consumers are willing to commit to making a purchase when they are approached by a brand unknown to them. That is when the skills of the agents at the call centers come into play. They have to make a convincing telemarketing pitch. Usually the attention span of a caller picked at random is very low and short-lived. The agent has to make an impression within the very initial seconds. Call center services need to be sharp about this aspect. After the customary introduction, the agent has to quickly come to the point. Another approach could be to spark the curiosity in the customer before moving on to the other finer details of the offer. That will keep the consumer hooked to the pitch that is being told to them.

Cold calling is also a vital tool to get feedback on the products and services. The call center agents can record their response to what is being sold to them. The outbound call center team can assimilate the information collected through these calls and relay them over to the clients. Such statistics come in handy during brand placement and promotion. The consumers would surely buy a product or service that suits their pocket and preference.

Our call centers make targeted cold calls to tap consumers. We have trained agents at our call centers to make successful telemarketing pitches to these consumers.

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