Cocktail Etiquette - How to Drink like a gentleman

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Whether youíre just starting out in your profession or a seasoned executive, there will be a time when you will have to join the cocktail party circuit sooner or later. Managing these events with style and grace is more important to create long lasting impressions on your fellow colleagues. Hrithik the brand ambassador of HE deodorant does it right when it comes to attending cocktail parties.

Be aware of the differences between cocktails, cocktail party, cocktail buffet and a cocktail reception. Knowing the difference will help you not ending look like a time watcher who wants to get out of the party anytime soon before it concludes.

Know the difference:
Cocktails and Cocktail Party: Most of the time guests are standing talking having conversations, and the attire can range from business to casual.
Cocktail Buffet: After guests fill up their plates at the buffet stations, there are usually small tables and chairs set around the room for the guests. Attire is business or formal. This type of event could last for not more than 2 to 3 hours.

Cocktail Reception: This event is the mostly formal and could be held for a distinguished guest of honor or an event such as openings of an art gallery or a new business venture. Attire is very dressy for women and usually black tie for men. Champagne is always served. Wearing the right deo for men also creates the difference. Complimenting ladies for the scent of their perfumes can earn you a lot of brownie points.

Few tips and tricks to sail smoothly through a cocktail party

Research always come handy! Learn something about the guests attending the cocktail party. ďSmall talkĒ will be much easier. Steer your conversations based on the business or social goals that you need to achieve.
Talk to people feel free to make new friends .Maintain eye contact during introductions and conversations.
Only have your drink or food in your hand, never both. Always hold your drink in your left hand so your right hand is dry, clean and available to shake hands. If eating hold your plate on your right hand and take the food with the left. If someone approaches you switch the plate to your left hand and your right will be clean to extend.

Donít head straight away to the bar, it creates an impression that you are at the party only for the booze.
Food and drink should not be your main goal. Connect with as many people as possible. Interrupting people while they are having a conversation is considered as a rude gesture. Wait until they include you or there is a break in the conversation.
When starting a new conversation with unknown people make sure you donít get to personal with them or pick up a topic of common interest you share with them.
People enjoy talking about themselves. Do not be looking around the room when you are speaking with someone. Maintain eye contact! Be mindful of othersí space; make sure you are standing at a hands distance away so that you are clearly audible and not very loud.
Never back someone against the wall.
Do not be a clock watcher, always looking at your watch. The person you are speaking with will get the impression you are in a hurry and not really interested in what they are saying. Never drink too much. Donít spend time looking at your cell phone. Remember to follow-up with everyone you connect with at each event.

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