Club Peguin gets an much needed App

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When Club Penguin hit the scene in 2005 no one knew that it was going to become the massive online community that it has become. Club Penguin was designed as an answer to the social networking websites for adults that had become so popular. The designers knew that young children, between the ages of 6 and 12, needed a place where they could interact, and ever since its inception it's been a hit. But keeping up with all of the Club Penguin news can be frustrating, especially when you are a family that is constantly on the go. With the new Club Penguin App, however, it's easier than ever to stay tuned with all that is going on in the Club Penguin world.

What's great about this App? To start with, it's extremely easy to install. Unlike some Apps, which seem to take forever to install, or which make you jump through hoops, this App installs quickly and cleanly. Another great thing about it that will make parents happy is how easy it is to use. The has a main menu on the bottom that brings kids right to the information that they want so that they (or you) don't have to spend a great amount of time searching through the posts in order to find what they're looking for. Want hidden pins? No problem, just touch the “hidden pins" section on the App. Is our kid looking for Club Penguin cheats? The Club Penguin App has tons of them, and all you have to do to access them is to tap on the secrets tab. What does this mean? It means that kids can find all the latest Club Penguin news that they want to know without parents having to help.

The new Club Penguin App has all the Club Penguin news that your kid will ever want and so much more. They can learn secrets of the game and can find hidden items. And not only that, the App maker also gives away free Club Penguin memberships on a regular basis, so this cheap .99 cents app is not only functional, but it may also pay for itself in a very short amount of time if your child happens to win one of the memberships. This App easily gets two thumbs up from a very enthusiastic Club Penguin audience.

Thomas Greene has done tons of research on the Club Penguin game. He know how to find the latest Club Penguin cheats and tricks.

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