Club Cleo’s revolutionary top to toe face & body toning system saves the day

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The brand name behind innovative home-use natural health and beauty treatments, Club Cleo, is giving those who intend to go to the gym or beauty salon (but never quite get round to it, or just can’t afford it), a top to toe alternative, simply involving investing only a few minutes a day to firm, tone and gain back years… and it’s cheaper than a year’s gym membership or a course of salon treatments!

Perfect for the busy, image conscious women out there (and even those that just can’t be bothered to go to the gym!) the award winning Cleo Q is the system that could become a new best friend. The world’s first multi-purpose toning device can treat 10 areas in approximately 60 minutes, from the face to the pecs, the abs to the bottom, bingo wings to the thighs and more. Cleo Q lifts, tightens and firms, keeping muscles strong and healthy and slowing down the ageing process.

Taking a stance against toxins and surgical procedures, Club Cleo’s Cleo Q works in harmony with your body, using different sequences of unique pulses, unlike competing models which just use one, to re-train muscles and make women look and feel years younger. Programs start from as little as 7 minutes for the face and 6 minutes for body areas; giving women what they crave… a little bit more free time.

Janine Kay, Operations Director of Club Cleo, said:
“Cleo Q is the best possible solution for women who don’t have the time or inclination go to the gym or salon but who still take pride in their appearance. On your face alone it can lift your eyebrows, shape your cheek muscles and add definition, tighten your jaw line and restore lip fullness – without any kind of implants or injections.”

She continued:
“We have many thousands of happy customers all over the world who have been using Cleo products for a long time, and tell us how much better they look and feel because of it – it’s my ultimate beauty must-have. The technique used simply mimics normal youthful nerve signals to stimulate and rejuvenate the foundation muscles, so it’s perfectly natural and safe.”

Cleo Q was developed after a medical breakthrough to treat facial paralysis and other forms of muscle injury and is now the most revolutionary progression in electronic muscle stimulation for more than 50 years. It works to tackle the effects of ageing through targeting specific problem areas to suit individual requirements.

Club Cleo also stock an extensive range of health and beauty products including Non Surgical Face Lift products, pamper packs, natural breast enhancement supplements, an intimate care range, perfumes, and health and beauty accessories. There is no animal testing in any of Club Cleo’s products. For more information please visit the new site or call and speak to one of the experienced team on 0871 2211340.

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