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There are many advantages in considering clip-in hair extensions over permanent extensions – they are cheaper, they can be removed easily when you want to revert to your normal style and they do not damage your own hair in any way. They are usually 3" or 4" in width for the back of the head and narrower attachments of 1" or 2" can be added to the sides for extra fullness and an even more natural look but they are not necessary. They are made of synthetic or 100% human hair and have several strands of hair attached individually. Many people opt for human hair extensions as they look more natural and are often indistinguishable from the wearer’s own hair, such is the range of colours in which they can be obtained. They can be bought in lengths ranging from 10" - 18" - longer extensions are available but put too much tension on your own hair.

If you normally prefer short hair for ease of control and hassle-free styling when you are in a hurry, then you might well wish to consider clip in hair extensions for instantly changing your appearance on occasions or if you want to create a particular image on a special occasion or at a party. If your hair is very fine or thin, an extension will give the appearance of fullness and luxurious growth. It is well nigh impossible to immediately notice if anyone is wearing an extension, unless you know them well and are aware of their normal style.

Clipping them in takes only minutes and with practice, it can be done very quickly and removing them takes but seconds. They usually best suit people with medium or shoulder length hair as the difference is not then so noticeable. They come in many styles and the change to your appearance can be very striking and appealing. Once you have experimented with hair-extensions, you may want to have a few different styles in your possession and it is likely you will start to wear them more regularly as they are basically already styled and do not require frequent expensive visits to the salon.

Why not buy one and see how much you can improve your appearance instantly. Browse through this site and you will be surprised to discover how many different styles, colours and lengths are available. I have no doubt that you will be impressed and excited, as will others when they see the new you.

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Alice has worked in the beauty industry for a number of years, but has never seen a product in such high demand as clip in hair extensions.

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