Clip on earrings -The Painless option

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Piercing earlobes for the purpose to wear earrings has been practiced since ancient times. In spite of that we find huge demand and market for clip earrings mainly in the West. This is because some women never had their ears pierces at a tender age and later with advancing age become petrified to get them pierced. Frankly speaking earrings make a world of difference on how a woman looks, it brings out the hidden sparkle in their eyes, which can charm an onlooker, so an earring whether pierced or a clip on is an absolute must for every woman, grown up or a young adult. With the recent trend of men becoming more and more interested in fashion jewelry, these earrings are in demand as it satisfies the need of wearing jewelry without getting oneself actually pierced.

Clip on earrings became fashionable in the West in the early 20th century. The advantages of wearing them is that we can go for heavy stuff , that dangle right up to the shoulders without the fear of cutting the earlobe through and through , and going in for surgeries later to mend them up. For women who like to wear their jewelry safe, usually opt for these types of earrings, for various reasons like their skin maybe sensitive to some metals, fear of infection. The challenging part is to find comfortable earrings that do not pinch the earlobes too much. Although the markets are flooded with erring for pierced ears, fortunately it is not very difficult to find well made clip on earrings of both modern and traditional designs.

These types of earrings are also greatly favored by models and fashion industries, where the accessories need to be changed in seconds and there is no time for the piercing stuff. Though the balance tilts towards the pierced earrings, clip earrings will always have a substantial share of patronage from highly fashionable people globally. Famous jewelers like Tiffany, Cartier who cater to the rich and famous have the most beautiful range of expensive and exclusive earrings of clip on variety. As the world is comprised of a few rich and famous and more want to be rich and famous people who would like to wear imitations of Tiffany and Cartier, need not be disheartened. There are numerous lesser known jewelers who can cater to your needs for clip on earrings at much lesser price.

Clip on earrings are usually preferred by the highly sophisticated woman belonging to the crème la crème of the society which adds class and grace to their clothes and stature. Side by side today's trendy teenagers also prefer this type of earrings which are of every shape, size and color to match their clothes and impress the opposite sex. Today a lot of places and markets offer modern and traditional clip on earrings. The internet is a good medium to search for the huge options available in the market at very affordable prices. Jewelry was here since time immemorial, and will stay for a long time to come, and Clip on earrings will remain an integral part of it.

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