Clip In Hair Extensions for Special Styles

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If you wore hair extensions in the distant past, you'll be pleased to know that the modern extensions of today can be found in various styles, and they can be attached using different methods that were not previously available. One popular style is a clip-in extension, which will allow you to keep your own hair intact. You also may choose clip-ins because you won't have to deal with any harsh glues or chemical binding agents. Clip-in hair extensions will allow you to have the same variety of choices in colors, but you'll have the ability to remove these extensions more easily, and still be able to show off your natural look.

Using clip-in extensions is fairly easy. Section your own hair into smaller parts, and snap the hair clips in where you want the extra body or color. After the first one is in its place, repeat the process until you have all of your extensions where you want them. You can work them in without hassles, and within minutes your hair can be longer, fuller or more colorful.

You can purchase clip-in extensions in curled, wavy or straight types, and they will attach so that they form any type of pattern you desire. Clip-ins don't usually require a stylist, but if you're doing very many of them, it's a good idea to ask for assistance from a qualified professional the first few times.

Clip-in hair extensions look as realistic and natural as any other types of extensions. Of course, this will depend on the individual clip-in's hair quality. Synthetic hair works, but it doesn't always look real. Styles with real hair will look more realistic and natural. A clip-in extension will also allow you to change your hair color subtly, if your hair isn't what's known as a standard color. The clip-in extensions can be put in, and their strands will fall naturally with your own hair. Choose a close match when you are looking at hair colors, or choose one that is different enough to look like subtle highlights.

For the most part, clip-in hair extensions fit so that the clips can't be seen when people are looking at you. They are affixed underneath your own hair, and usually all you can see is hair. The clips that are usually used in today's clip-in extensions are strong and sturdy, so these extensions will last you for a long time.

As far as length is concerned, you can have pretty much any length of hair extensions you would like. Any extension that is longer than 30 inches took the person who grew it eight to ten years to do that, so the ends will lose their quality somewhat. Extra length can also put weight on your scalp, and the pressure may lead to damage of your own hair. The hair extensions that look the best for women of average height are generally less than twenty-two inches long. Extensions can also be used when you wear your hair up. They can even be worked into French braids, French twists, and styles such as that.

Sarah Cox is a writer for Sarahs Hair Extensions supply easy to use clip extensions to enhance your hair in a variety of colours and lengths.

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