Clip Earrings for Fall

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We've watched all the runway shows, read all the fashion magazines and combed the red carpet in search of the hottest earring shapes for fall. Best of all, they are all available in clip-on earring styles, so anyone can wear them without worry.

Statement - For fall, many of the earring styles we've seen are heavy and bulky, so what better way to wear them than in the form of clip-on earrings? These are the perfect accessory, as they won't weigh down your ears. Instead, they gently hug the ear, securing the earring without stretching or damaging the earlobe.

Chandelier - These feminine earrings are a throwback to the 40s era and are prettier and more sparkly than ever. Clip-earrings offer the same glam factor as their pierced counterparts and it's completely unnoticeable that clip earrings are one piece. With intricate fan shaped designs and elaborate rhinestone adornment, chandeliers are great for adding some sweet to a sassy outfit.

Drop - Drop earrings in the shape of fringe and chain link are great at adding some edge to girlie pieces. If you're wearing a blouse in satin, silk or lace, throw on a pair of earrings that have a rocker inspired vibe to spice things up. These earrings will be a great focal point for any outfit.

Hoops - Hoops earrings are back in a big way. Large designs are more acceptable than ever, with a mix of silver and gold, different textures and cut out designs offering some variation on this accessory staple. For those that don't have pierced ears, clip on hoops are a great alterative. Best of all, they're fantastic at hiding the fact that they're clip-ons.

Even if you have pierced ears, but you see clip on earrings that you love, try them out. You might be surprised how comfortable they are. Easy to wear and affordable to own, they're a great investment in your fashionable future.

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