Climate Of Lagos

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The city experiences different kinds of climatic conditions and has a modified type of equatorial climate. It depends from season to season which decides that whether the climatic conditions will be hot and humid or mild and cold. Normally the hottest season is considered to be between October and March during which the ranges from 30 to 35 degrees Celsius. May and August are relatively cool then any other month of the summer season among which the maximum temperature ranges from 21 to 25 degrees. And this is the time between which most of the visitors can be found having their cheap flights to Lagos because relatively it is an affordable temperature for travel and tourism.

Quite similarly there are two main rain seasons, the first one is a short rain season which lasts from October to December where as the second one is comparatively a long rain season which lasts between March and May. The average rainfall is almost one thousand millimeters. Normally 96% humidity is calculated on average in the mornings during these seasons whereas the percentage is 67 in the afternoons. Normally people who are on their trip to this city and who buy cheap flights to Lagos do their shopping and recreational activities during night time.

These climatic conditions are also influenced by certain monsoon winds coming from South western side during April to October and northwesterly monsoon winds between November and March. This city is also sub-divided into three main zones these zones are;

Ecological zones
The middle plateau
Ununio areas

The ecological zone is actually an upland zone comprising the hilly areas to the west and north of the City, whereas the middle plateau consists of low lands. Tourists enjoy this kind of climatic conditions and they buy their cheap flights to Lagos whenever they want to go to a beautiful place to spend their holidays.

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