Cleaning Like Monica Geller … Or Maybe More Like Chandler Bing

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For ten years, from 1994 until 2004, the TV show Friends entertained America and captivated us with its lovable characters. Even today, five years after the series officially went off the air, America is still tuning into the numerous airings of Friends, which is now in syndication.

One of the six main characters was Monica Geller, played by Courteney Cox Arquette. Monica tended to be the mom of the group and had, like the other characters, many little quirks. One of her traits, which continued to develop and grow over the ten seasons, was her obsessive-compulsiveness, especially when it came to cleaning.

In one episode, Chandler Bing (played by Matthew Perry), another main character who was dating and living with Monica, wanted to surprise her by cleaning the apartment for her. He was very proud of his good deed until Ross, Monica's brother and Chandler's best friend, stopped by the apartment. He reminded Chandler of how obsessive compulsive Monica was about her apartment. Chandler and Ross spent the next few hours taking out photos of the apartment and comparing where everything went, so it could be exactly the same way that Monica left it. Of course, Monica came home early and they had to lock her out, saying that Ross was naked so she wouldn't come into the apartment.

Eventually, the guys got the apartment back to normal and Monica came home. Of course, because she was so anal-retentive about her organization, she realized that everything had been moved. However, she was touched that Chandler tried to get it right. Then, still not realizing that the "Ross is naked" line was just being used to stall her, she asked Chandler to tell her exactly where Ross sat while he was naked so she could scrub it clean.

Most of us tend to be more like Chandler (having good intentions, but not always getting right) than like Monica (overly obsessive about cleanliness and organization). Some of us might even be a Rachel (not knowing where the dust mop is) and that is okay. All you need to do is keep your place clean enough to live in … and if you aren't that good at that, you can always hire a maid. Maybe Monica would do it for free.

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