Clean Water In Africa Is The Focus Of The Canadian Charity: Watercan

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If you've ever been without clean water for any length of time, you know how difficult it is. Imagine however, being without clean water in Africa. Take a moment and think of what it would be like to have to walk miles in one direction in the hot sun, just to make it to a dirty watering hole. Then imagine having to bring that water back and use it for cleaning your dishes or washing your clothes. What if you were so thirsty that all you can think about is drinking water, and having clean water in Africa to drink wasn't even a possibility? Wouldn't the need to have clean, pure water quickly become an urgent necessity-especially to those who live far from urban centers where water purification is a possibility?

WaterCan, a Canadian charity dedicated to bringing clean water, hygiene education and basic sanitation facilities to African communities. To see all they are doing to make clean water for Africa a reality, visit their site at watercan to learn more.

Clean water in Africa is a key component to changing the state of living conditions in every nation on that great continent. Without clean water in Africa, communities there lose the ability to be healthy and productive, women and children continue to have low status since they spend a great deal of their time fetching water from far away watering holes, and therefore have no time to be educated and develop ways to earn status within the community. If you've never considered how important clean water for Africa is, consider this: Something as simple as a woman using the bathroom can put her at risk of assault. Without clean water in Africa for basic hygiene and sanitation, a woman must risk being assaulted or try to wait until dark and find a safe place. This can lead to illness and pain for the woman, which can also complicate childbirth and impact children's lives. Having access to clean water in Africa can really be a matter of safety and quality of life.

WaterCan at watercan is working to change this. This Canadian charity recognizes the impact access to clean water in Africa has on the community, and is working to make this very important basic necessity available to all. Clean water in Africa and around the world is foundational to all other quality of life aspects. With clean water in Africa, there is the possibility of food production, livestock support, healthy mothers with plenty of breast-milk to feed their babies, health and cleanliness that is necessary for community growth and prosperity.

Another important aspect of WaterCan's work to provide clean water for Africa's communities is that they work toward sustainable solutions rather than one time gifting. It is of no real benefit to provide communities with temporary clean water in Africa, since the need for clean water in Africa is always on-going. WaterCan offers viable and truly beneficial solutions for providing clean water to Africa. For more information visit Watercan.

WaterCan is a Canadian charity that recognizes the impact access to clean water in Africa has on the community, and is working to make this very important basic necessity available to all. For more information visit

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