Clean Energy Through Solar Heating Tubes

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Clean energy has become responsible and profitable alternative for business enterprises and real estate owners the world over. With the growing concern about pollution and the effects of global warming gaining more acceptance in the last decades; the need for a clean energy source has been studied extensively, so systems for generating clean energy could be developed and continuously be made better. These new generations of clean energy systems are not only more efficient, but are also lucrative for those individuals or business leaders who decide to become more energy efficient.

Excessive quantities of fossil fuel or hydrocarbon fuel (petroleum, coal, and natural gas) by-product is dumped into the air, soil, and water annually. Even the most distrustful of the ecological naysayers is willing to admit that this a problem that has to be resolved. Clean energy research has developed into a very beneficial business both for producers and consumers. With this kind of electric power source, after the initial payment on the system and its installation; the savings immediately start to be realized. In some ways, this is very much like receiving monetary rewards for saving the planet.

Solar heat tubes is a good example of clean technology. These solar heating tubes are often used to supply heating and hot water to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Solar heating tubes are primarily vacuum-sealed tubes filled with a freeze retardant liquid that is safe and biodegradable. conductive properties than the old glass-lined models.

With a water heating system that solely uses solar heating tubes, there is still some traditional energy usage required. Typically these types of systems still uses an electrical water pump. Still, the pump works at a fraction of the cost of conventional hot water heaters. What's even better is that once these systems are set-up, their function can be expanded to supply ambient or central heat to the property, and not just to heat the water.

These alternative water heating systems can be further explained by a reputable solar power specialist, who can professionally evaluate each real estate owner's particular needs; and an alternative hot water system that best fit those needs. Whether the consultant recommends wind generated electric power, solar heating tubes, or solar electric power, you will save a lot of dollars in going green.

Craig Axelrod is a principal for Emmy Energy, a NY clean energy business offering solar heating tubes & solar pv systems in the North East.

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