Clean and Cheap Energy from the Wind

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There are different sources of electricity. Most of our electricity today comes from power plants in which power generators are fueled by things like coal and oil. Alternative energies like solar and wind energy are available, as well as increasing in popularity due to the fact that they are known as clean and renewable sources. Different energy sources to fit different customer needs. Each energy source has its advantages and disadvantages that could determine his availability and justification in any application.

Electricity from wind is an example of clean energy. When generating electricity from wind, no harmful chemicals or gases emitted during the process. As a matter of fact, most environmentalists pushing for the implementation of more wind turbines to power communities and provide them with their basic needs for electricity. Imagine a world with clean energy sources: it will be wind-powered, smokeless, odorless, and environmentally friendly.

To understand the basic operations of converting wind to electricity, we should understand the generator itself. Generator is an electric machine that converts kinetic energy into electrical energy. There are many articles on the Internet that discuss in detail how they work. As an electrical generator, will be "prime mover" in order to operate and generate electricity. The main driver was in fact a mechanical force that rotates a certain part of the generator. There was a period in history when people have to manually turn the generator to produce electricity. This, of course, was very impractical. We need other sources of mechanical force to act as the prime mover of the generator. In mid-1900's, engineers began to design generators with wind as the main drivers. Later in the 1970's, the first practical wind powered generators in operation, and so began the era of wind powered electricity.

Wind power is the most ideally situated where the wind almost every day, every day. The most common locations are the beaches and coastal areas where there is a breeze during the day and land breeze at night. With enough wind, the electricity can go as high as several kilowatts to megawatts, enough to provide power to small and medium-sized communities. Islands with wind generators that are located on land can provide their own power. Submarine power cables are very impractical and dangerous at the same time. So, using wind energy, the island can still have electricity. Islands will benefit this type of electricity generation.

There are many advantages offered by wind energy. He answered both problems reduce fossil fuels and the need for clean energy sources. For years, he remained in the minority in the provision of electricity to the community, but as technology and demand for clean, renewable energy sources increase, probably, you will use it more and more.

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