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In the traditional education system, scientific experiments are predicted in text books and explained in theory. Although these theories suffice for a student to pass an examination, it neither excites inquisitiveness about the phenomenon nor satisfies it - how it happens, why it happens, under what circumstances it happens etc. Moreover, the visualization represented in the books leave a lot to imagination. And since individuals are potentially diverse in their ability to imagine, the full realization of the experiments fail to penetrate. This results in a huge gap in the development of a student’s analytical skills and a lot to be desired in the learning outcomes.

But what if the phenomenon could be seen or observed?

The Classteacher Digital Science Lab provides the perfect solution to this problem. The Classteacher DSL assists the teacher in demonstrating the experiments live in the class. This real-time demonstration of the experiments, before a theory session or afterwards, provides the much needed learning experience of the theory with actual phenomenon demonstration. It then becomes easier for the teacher to explain the theory behind the phenomenon and simple for the student to relate to the complexities of the theory conveniently through dynamic visual correlation. This has a more pronounced impact on the student’s aptitude and the learning outcomes.

The Classteacher Digital Science Lab is a fully equipped technical lab which provides for learning outcomes using the POE model: Predict - Observe – Explain. There are 22 different sensors, backed with an exhaustive list of over 200 experiments, and the data technology supports discrete values and continuous ranges to represent information both graphically and numerically.

The DSL also has aids on how, why and where to use the probes to demonstrate the experiments, to induce a deeper understanding and retention of key scientific concepts. Being a portable solution, it is versatile enough to be adapted for use in classrooms, labs and fields. The experiments cover topics on physics, chemistry and biology mapped to the K-12 curriculum.

The POE Model

POE = Predict - Observe – Explain

Predict – Theories are predicted and mentioned in the books

Observe – The Classteacher DSL provides assistance for the teachers and students to experience the experiments in the classroom with the help of sensors, probes and real-time data representation on graphs and tables

Explain – Explanation becomes easy through dynamic visual correlation

Advantages of Classteacher Digital Science Lab

• Portability
• Experiencing experiments and phenomenon in the classroom and field
• Graphical representation for better understanding
• Exploring and discovering predicted experiments
• Answering What-If scenarios
• Creates interest in the subject
• 22 sensors and 200+ experiments

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