Christmas Day Family Entertainment

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Christmas is just around the corner and I thought it would be nice to switch things up a bit this year. This is my favorite holiday, so I certainly donít want to change too many of the festivities, yet I still want to liven things up for the family. Itís great to catch up with your loved ones and share such a special day together and form new memories for yourself and your family. I just though it might be interesting to have an itinerary planned for after dinner- a reason for uncle Larry to not want to over-eat and plop down on the couch until he falls asleep!

Itís always fun to eat dinner as a family and listen to your grandparentsí stories of how they met and have a chance to hold your cousinís new baby. Even if nothing spectacular is happening in your lives, it just feels good to see all the people that make your life special and see that they are there for you and you for them. Why not show your family a great time on Christmas Eve or after Christmas dinner and shake things up with some great family bonding games? This is a great way to get a kick out of each other and it could be a great opportunity to learn more about each member of your family.

Start your family bonding by preparing personalized Santa hats for each member of your family with their names written with glitter paint. Pass them out as your guests arrive. Sure, not everyone is going to sport his or her Santa hat all night but it will add some extra holiday spirit and make for a nice keepsake from your time together.

Have your activities prepared in time for dessert, before everyone becomes weary from the food and conversation. Let them know that the party has just begun. I personally get nervous after dessert because I know the family will start dispersing and going on their merry way once they know that the day is drawing to a close. I like to stretch the holidays and keep my family together as long as I possibly can. Who can say they want to leave when you tell them that you have a bunch of fun and games in store? I know I would want to stay, at least out of sheer curiosity. Perhaps you might even start a new family tradition!

Game One: You Are Special

Write the names of each family member on their own paper bag and line the bags up along a nearby shelf or table. Scatter small pieces of scrap paper next to the bags. Ask your guests while they are eating dessert to write one compliment on a piece of paper and place it in a family memberís bag. Each guest will write down one thing that makes the person a special part of your family. Examples would be honest, strong, generous, funny, reliable, etc. Each person takes a turn reading the things that make him or her an important part of your family. Remind everyone before hand that it is important to be truthful and kind because everyone has strengths. Encourage creativity!

Game Two: Family Trivia!

This is when things get interesting and itís great to make this your second activity once everyone has had a glass or two of the holiday punch! Take time before the holiday to write down trivia questions about your family members, just remember to remain respectful of each personís feelings. This would not be a great time to air any secrets. Try to keep it fairly simple, as things will get deeper when youíre done. Some great examples are, ďWho was married when they were 20 years-old?Ē or ďWho was a foreign exchange student in 1985?Ē

Next, have everyone write down something about him or herself that they thought no one knew and put it into a bag. One person will read each paper and everyone guesses whom the person is! This is a great way to learn about your family, especially your elderly family members to have many wonderful experiences to share. You might even learn a little about your teenagers! I canít wait to try this game with my family.

Game Three: Pass the Present

Have a present wrapped in many layers of wrapping paper. Have the youngest person start the game. Pass the present around the table and let each person unwrap one layer of wrapping paper. The person to open the last layer of wrapping paper wins the prize. If you would like a shorter game, turn on some music and tell your guests to start passing the present around the table. Turn around so you cannot see your guests and stop the music. Whoever has the present in their hands wins the prize!

Last, but Not Least...Movie Time!

Invite your guests to watch a movie or two. Have a selection prepared for the kids and one for adults once the children are fast asleep. Let everyone take a vote for which movie you will watch. The following are some suggestions for great movies to enjoy with the people you care about the most. Some are holiday oriented and some are just fun bonding movies. Have fun and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones!

Fun Movies for the Holidays!


It's a Wonderful Life

A Christmas Story

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Edward Scissor Hands

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation


Movies that Make You Thankful for What You Have

A Home of Our Own

Pursuit of Happyness


Seven Pounds

Pay It Forward

Lady In the Water

The Notebook


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By: Francis David

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