Choosing Your New Hair Color at a Tampa Hair and Beauty Salon

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Whether or not you are getting a haircut at your favorite Tampa hair and beauty salon, consider having a new hair color or even just highlights. The appropriate hair color or highlights can change your look even without a haircut. If you also opt for a haircut, the hair color or highlights will definitely enhance it with added depth and dimension. Another idea would be to get hair extensions that complement your new hair color or highlights. Instead of going shorter you can go longer with your hair. Of course, you must make sure that your hair undergoes Keratin hair treatment if you often get hair color or highlights. This will keep your hair healthy and shiny. The best hair salons in Tampa can offer you all these and more.

Do not just make some random choice in hair color unless you are going for the shocking look. For proper enhancement, your skin color actually determines the hair color that will be most becoming to you. This follows the same principle that your skin color determines the colors of clothes that will be most flattering for you. As a general rule, people with pale skin have a wider range of flattering hair colors to choose from.

With the right match in hair color your skin tone acquires a glow especially on your face. This means you have less need for makeup. Match it with the right color in clothes and you will definitely bring out your best looks.

When choosing the shade to go for, remember that a more drastic departure from your natural hair color will mean you will need more frequent root touch ups. On the other hand, highlights woven throughout your head will not need touch ups frequently even if they are in contrast with your natural hair color.

If you have pink tinted skin, the most flattering hair color for you will be cool tones like jet black, cool browns, ash brown, burgundy, ash blonde, sandy blonde, champagne and platinum. This should be matched with clothes in cool tones like fuchsia, bluish red, black, royal blue or pine green. You must avoid golden blonde hair color and all shades of red.

If you have yellow tinted skin, the most flattering hair color for you will be neutral tones like deep red, mahogany, chocolate brown, sandy blonde and beige blonde. This should be matched with clothes in neutral tones like red, purple, periwinkle, teal and charcoal grey. You must avoid gold, yellow and orange tinted hair color.

If you have olive skin, the most flattering hair color for you will be warm tones like warm golden brown, warm golden blonde, warm strawberry blonde, warm red and auburn. This should be matched with clothes in warm tones like red, orange, golden yellow, olive green or rust.

You might have seen the hair color you want in a magazine. Show the clipping to your professional colorist to determine if it suits you and if it can be achieved with your natural hair color.

You should be aware that when you change your hair color drastically, people's perceptions about you also change. There are positive and negative stereotypes attached to each category of hair color.

Blondes are thought to be youthful, energetic, bubbly, sexy, glamorous and high maintenance. On the negative side, they are perceived as dumb.

Brunettes are thought to be serious, sophisticated, intelligent, competent and stable. On the negative side, they are perceived as bland, boring and dull.

Redheads are thought to be strong, independent and temperamental. On the negative side, they are perceived as femme fatales.

Choosing your new hair color or highlights at your trusted Tampa hair and beauty salon is fun if you know what will look best for you.

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