Choosing the Right Prepaid Calling Card

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A pre-paid phone card is an item that individuals can purchase from telephone companies, distributors and retailers to make both local and international phone calls. The perks of using this type of calling card services are the fact that the customers control the price; they will never receive a bill, because the minutes are paid for before the person uses the card. Phone cards are used by people all over the world on land lines, mobile phones and pay phones. Some companies’ offer ones that require the user to dial a toll free number; an automated message will prompt the dialer to enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN) that comes with it, while other companies offer PIN-less dialing.

This service is very popular among people who are away at school, individuals who travel and those who do not have long distance service. The quality of the card itself, the calling card services, and the location where the customer is calling will determine the rates for the money paid. There are types available for individuals who require them specifically to call out of the country and for those who need the service to make local calls only. Although a person can use any type to call anywhere worldwide, finding one that is recommended for oversees calls will benefit the purchaser greatly.

There are two main types of pre-paid calling cards available, the ones that expire and the ones that can be reloaded. The ones that expire are usually bought at a storefront and can be thrown away once the minutes are used up. The reloadable type of phone card can be purchased either at a storefront or on the Internet. E-stores that sell this item usually require the individual to create an account. This is very convenient for future purchases, as their information will remain stored at the site purchased. The reloadable types of phone cards are popular for those people who intend on using them often.

Pre-paid calling cards have been around since the early ‘70s, to help individuals make domestic and foreign phone calls on their own terms. The customers will always control the amount of minutes they use and can call the toll free number provided, or they can access their online account at any time to find out their leftover balance. It is highly recommended that individuals seeking this service research between different cards and companies and also read past customer reviews to find the best one for them.

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