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Portrait is one of the main genres of the photographic art and its complexity lies in the fact that it does not imply a simple rendering of the exterior aspect, but, to a certain extent, it reveals the character, the inner emotions, and the psychology of the portrayed person. The dictionary explains the term “portrait” as “rendering of the characteristic features of a person, they have seen by an artist”

It is very important that the photographed person feels comfortable in front of the camera and that he or she do not look nervously at the lens waiting for the aperture to open. One should be prepared for a photo session. That is why you need to start your photo sessions by talking to the model or your client openly, because such a conversation diminishes the tension, it makes the photographed person calm down and it allows him or her to keep a certain position and peaceful eyes. The resemblance to the original is the most important condition of portrait photography.

First of all, you must realize that there are many different types of portrait photographers all addressing very different aspects of the trade. So, you have to search about photographers specializing in your specific need category, in the portrait case. This may seem like a no brainier, but even "portrait" photography services vary greatly.

If you are looking for a traditional portrait studio where you will go and have a muslin (the blotchy or solid traditional fabric) backdrop or, you are looking for a photographer with a mobile studio who will come to your home, or work for executive portraits and shoot you among your everyday surroundings.

If it's a family portrait you desire, and there are children involved, you may want to seek out a photographer that has a good relationship with kids or specializes in small children as they may be difficult for some photographers to work with. Some people have no human children, but wish to include their pets in their family portraits, and not all photographers are willing or able to accommodate somebody’s pet.

Ask around your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors, they are all great sources of information with regards to their personal experiences with photographers. Even if they have not personally used someone, they might have heard of an exceptional photographer who a friend of theirs have used and liked. The same also works for negatives about any photographer. Also ask about photographers who have poor skills, bad business, price or general poor ethics. Again, be sure to take some notes about whose good and who’s one to steer away from.

So, instead of thumbing through the phone book and using only names and prices to go off, it is better to utilize the internet. Mostly, portrait photographers has a website with samples of their work, prices, and a bit of background about their professional affiliations and experience including in what type of photography they specialize. Search your keywords at your hometown and check out the photographers that come up first. Browse through their personal or studio websites and view their portfolios and samples of work to get an idea of the many different styles available to you.

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