Choosing the Right Breast Implants

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There are many women who are dissatisfied with their breasts. Most of the time, size is the main issue. While there are those who want to reduce the size of theirs, quite a lot of enhancement patients aim to have bigger breasts. There are also women with breast abnormalities that can be solved through augmentation.

Breast augmentation procedures involve the placement of implants in the chest to provide more support to the glands. These implants can be manipulated to give the patients exactly what they want. The right implants determine the success of the surgery; therefore, much thought must go into choosing the most appropriate ones. The following are the most important considerations for a breast augmentation patient:


Breast implants have two basic shapes round and anatomical. Round implants are shaped just so and have a great range of motion, allowing the structure to move naturally with the body. Anatomical implants, on the other hand, are shaped like pears they increase in width from top to bottom, resembling the shape of natural breasts. Both implant options offer unique advantages to their users.


Fillers are the materials contained in implants. There are two main types of fillers used today: silicone and saline. Silicone implants have a controversial history, with the FDA even putting them out of commission for a period of time to give way for safety modifications before allowing them to be re-introduced. Saline implants are the most common materials used for breast augmentation procedures today. Breast implants Phoenix and Scottsdale experts, along with their colleagues in other cities, can recommend the best filler type for their patients.


The size of an implant is dictated by the amount of filler inside the capsule. Cosmetic surgery Phoenix and Scottsdale practitioners, as well as their colleagues across the globe, say that implant size is an important factor to consider for breast augmentation candidates. The amount of skin a patient has will determine the maximum size of an implant. In addition, filler amounts can be changed within six months of the initial surgery.


Two texture options exist for recipients of breast implants Scottsdale, Phoenix, and other cities have smooth and textured. Smooth implants have flat, even, outer shells, while textured ones have granular surfaces. The former are said to offer a more natural look, and the latter are easier to manipulate to achieve the desired look.

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