Choosing Healthy Low-Fat Foods

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If you are trying to lose weight, one of the things you are probably attempting to do is cut out foods that have a high fat content. When you eat foods that are high in fat, you will find that just a small amount can add a lot of calories without making you feel full. While losing weight, it's usually more effective to find foods that are lower in fat, so you can eat larger amounts and feel satisfied.

Not all low-fat foods are created equally, however. Many food manufacturers advertise low-fat foods that can still be bad for you and hinder your weight-loss efforts. The key is to find foods that are not just low in fat, but that are healthy as well as tasty.

Keep in mind that many foods marketed as low-fat could still be considered "junk food," because they are so high in sugar. Foods too high in sugar are just as bad as those that are high in fat. High sugar content can create a blood sugar spike, followed by a crash, which will leave you feeling hungry again in a very short time. A healthy low-fat food will keep you satisfied for much longer.

A good rule of thumb when choosing low-fat foods is to look for those that are relatively unprocessed. One way to do this is to "shop the perimeter" of your grocery store. Most stores are laid out in such a way that raw and whole foods like meat, vegetables and dairy are found along the walls of the building, while packaged and processed foods are in the middle.

You just about can't go wrong with fruits and vegetables. Not only do these have no fat, they are packed with vitamins and minerals and most are quite low in sugar as well. Lean meats are another excellent low-fat option. Buy a lot of fish, chicken and turkey, and look for the leanest cuts of beef and pork. Just a little lean meat will keep you satisfied for hours.

There are also many good dairy products that are low in fat. Low-fat cottage cheese is tasty and filling, as well as a good source of protein. Low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese are also healthy additions to your diet.

While losing weight, it is important to mind your calories and to keep the fat content of your diet relatively low. This can be easy to do if you choose fresh and natural foods with low sugar content.

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