Choosing Eye Shadow To Compliment Your Eye Colour

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The fashion magazines bring us the latest and greatest looks in fashionable makeup. Funny, but when you try it on at home, it just doesn't look right.

There are some basic factors in choosing the type of eye makeup you wear. While you can change the style, go smokey; go bold; go light or go dark, the basic colour palette should compliment your natural eye colour.

Blue eye shadow ran its course several decades ago as the original eye shadow of choice. If your eyes are blue, you don't really need more blue to show them off. Stick to soft taupes, peaches, light browns and tans to contrast your baby blues. You want to show off your eyes, not your shadow. Deep black or navy mascara is very striking for women with blue eyes.

Do purple and green match? When it comes to eyes they most certainly do. Green eyed beauties look fabulous with deep purple or mauve eyeliners and eyeshadows. You can also try out golden browns, peaches or rich tones of purple. Green eyes pop with colour, but stay away from anything too dark or bright such as hot pink.

Gray eyes are great for smokey charcoal colours. Using some onyx black eyeliner and sandy browns will enhance the mysterious look of gray eyes. You can also try out some purple or even burgundy and plums on gray eyes.

Hazel eyes have a multitude of choices. Depending on the dominant colour pattern, dress up your eyes accordingly. If your eyes are subject to wisps of blue, choose colours from the palette for blue eyes and so on. Hazel eyes are open to a little more experimentation, since the eye make up often changes the look of the eye colour. Therefore, feel free to experiment with eyeliners and flashy mascaras.

Brown eyed girls have the most choice and can pull off almost any colour. Depending on how dark your eyes are and your skin tone, dark brown eyes respond well to mauves, purples and pinks. Medium or lighter shades of brown look very natural in tans, earthy browns and warm blues. Brown eyes also look fabulous in black eyeliner, and many women can get away with wearing only a little eyeliner and mascara.

Regardless of your eye colour, the secret to great eye make up is to brush and blend. Your eyeshadows should accentuate your natural features and not overpower them. Choosing the right make up to compliment your eye colour will flatter your peeps and make them dazzle.

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