Choosing A Theme For Your Photography Book

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If you love photography, chances are you have considered putting your work together in book form. One great idea is to create a few books that center on different themes. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

  1. Weddings are an obvious choice for a photography book, and not just your own. Even if the wedding you are attending already has an official photographer, your photo book will make a great wedding gift. When you are taking photos, try to focus on things that the official photographer may miss, such as humorous dancers, or cute kids.

  2. Holidays are a great option, and your family and friends will certainly appreciate a photo book of any recent holiday get-togethers, whether they were able to attend or not. This is a great way to keep families together and in each other's hearts and minds all year round.

  3. Whether you are an avid hiker or you just like to visit your local park a few time a week, putting together your Nature photos can be a rewarding experience. You can take photos of natural things like lakes, mountains, and trees, or you can record all the fun had on family camping trips and the like. Best of all, these photos can give you that touch of the outdoors to keep you going when the weather isn't cooperating.

  4. Another great photography book theme is City Life. Get out and about in our hometown or wherever it is you are visiting, and get photos of the people, places and things that you see there.

  5. It may take a few years to get enough material for a book, but taking photos of a child on his or her Birthday from their first one on would make a great birthday gift in and of itself. Try to focus on recurring items like cakes, presents, and other attendees to ensure that the birthday theme is clear.

  6. You will really have to be on the ball for this one, but having a photographic record of as many of your Child's Firsts as is possible would be something that will be cherished for a lifetime. You probably don't need any extra encouragement to take pictures of your kid, but do make sure that you record such things as his or her first days, first steps, and first solid food.

  7. If you have a family member (or friend you've known for a long time), who is in the process of purchasing hid or her first home, it might be fun to put together a book of all of the other Homes he or she have lived in for as long as you've known them. There are probably a lot of great memories in those places, and your photo book would be much appreciated on such a big move forward.

  8. If you have a friend or family member who excels in Sports, put together a photo book of as many games as you can, including stories of their exploits. This will also be a treasured item as the years go on.

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