Choosing a Cell Phone For Emergency Use

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One of the many reasons people give when they buy a cellular phone is so that they can own one for emergency events. Some individuals do not need a full-time cell phone. Some might just want a cell phone to stick in the glove box in case of a break down or an emergency situation. Maybe a senior may require a low priced cellular phone intended for emergency use. Possibly a father or mother might want to provide a cellular phone for their child in case they are stuck at school. Cellphones are usually great for these types of temporary, unexpected circumstances.

However, the majority of cellphone plans from the main companies are very pricey and require lengthy agreements. Who wants to pay $55 plus a month in order to keep a cell phone in their glove compartment just for emergencies?

The good news is, pre pay cell phone programs can be found for this specific situation. Pre-paid cellular phone plans allow you to tailor your own usage in order to meet your unique needs. Many plans provide you with affordable, per minute choices in which you are simply charged for those minutes used. The only caveat is so you have to refill your minutes in order to keep your plan active, typically each 3 months.

Another advantage of prepaid cell phone programs is that a great many companies provide low cost cell phones. You donít require a extravagant cell phone having a bunch of stuff simply for an disaster circumstance. All you need is a cellular phone that will make cell phone calls and possibly send texts. That many pre pay cellphone companies offer simple, cheap cellular phone models quite often as low-priced as $15.

Some plans provide low-priced cards containing small amount of minutes. One example is, TracFone sells a cheap 65 minute phone card which expires in 3 months. Some other providers charge a per minute fee, commonly 10 cents per minute, where you can charge your current balance containing a small amount of money. Many times, should you keep your cell phone activated (by acquiring more minutes) the minutes will roll over to the next service timeframe.

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