Choosing a Useful Jewelry Box

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Jewelry boxes are the greatest invention for keeping your jewelry organized, protected and easy to find. With all the styles and types available, it is important to keep your needs in mind when choosing a jewelry box. If you have lots of rings, you'll want a jewelry box with a special place for rings. Small compartments are great for storing earrings so that it doesn't take you forever to find the match to the pair you want to wear.

Whether you are the Queen of England, with the finest jewelry as your personal collection, or just an everyday gal with with a cheap and cheerful collection of pieces, you will need somewhere to store your treasures. A jewelry box, though not an essential piece of storage, may be just what you need.

Jewelry Boxes are commonly made from several different materials. The material they are made from will affect their quality, durability and design. Wood, leather and fabric are the most popular choices, each with their own benefits. Men usually prefer leather jewelry boxes for their masculine look. Wood jewelry boxes tend to be bigger to accommodate a women's larger collection of jewelry. If you own a few watches you'll definitely need a arger jewelry storage space. Fabric boxes are becoming popular. They can be decorated with beads and with the variety of colors; you can choose the box that will best suit your room's décor. Mele jewelry boxes have been around for a long time. They are a very reliable manufacturer and make their product to last.

There are many elements that can cause jewelry to tarnish. If you keep your jewelry in the bathroom, the moisture will make your silver pieces tarnish. Cosmetics, creams and the alcohol in perfume can also cause damage. Air itself is the greatest cause of tarnishing. It is therefore important to store your jewelry in a closed box and to put your jewelry box in a dry and cool location.

Velvet and satin interiors are great for protecting your jewelry. Be sure to always keep your jewelry clean and polish it with a jewelry care cloth when it becomes tarnished. This will prevent it from tarnishing other clean jewelry it comes in contact with in your jewelry box.

Girls are prone to loose their jewelry and also damage it. To prevent necklaces and bracelets from becoming tangled and impossible to separate, make sure to always close the clasps. It is also best to look for girls jewelry boxes that have a special place to hang necklaces and bracelets. Try to hang these items or put each in a separate compartment. Earrings are the same. Make sure to always close the backs so that they don't catch on other items and scratch them. Tangled jewelry is difficult to separate and you can break your favorite items in the process. If your child has jewelry that is more valuable than just the custom jewelry type it is important to look for children's jewelry boxes that will accommodate the jewelry they have and make it easy for them to put away.

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