Choose Personalized Jewish Art For Your Wedding and Home

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Personalized pieces of original art mean more than store bought pieces or reproductions. There's a level of craft that can only be achieved by dedicated artists and can only be captured in original artwork. Look to Jewish art for weddings, your home, or other projects as an example. A mix of tradition, ingenuity, and elegance can go a long way. You can beautify your wedding and your home with personalized calligraphy and custom monographs, illuminated manuscripts, and more.

There's history behind Judaica art. Hebrew calligraphy, for example, dates back thousands of years. Careful brush strokes and design are pleasing to view. You may consider having a custom monogram done in calligraphy for invitations. The traditional, exquisite, and bold iconography will make your invitations memorable. Who can say no with such a well designed envelope and letter asking for their attendance? You know that you can be proud to make the big announcement when you have truly unique works of art declaring it. Tradition and art are just as happily married hand-in-hand as you and your spouse will be.

You can follow through with prayer scrolls, banners, and other letters for your wedding and home. Illuminated manuscripts bursting with color and symbolism will add warmth to your home after the wedding. They can be designed large or small to fit your space as needed. Consider some of your favorite passages, symbols, and memories and ask if the artist can include them. Having open communication with the artist gives you an opportunity to express exactly what you want and the artist gets the pleasure of creating a one of a kind masterpiece that can be cherished by you and your family for decades.

Another option is to ask for a custom ketubah. A ketubah in your home is an everlasting remembrance and token of your wedding under the Chuppah. This important document stylized with a border and artwork of your choosing can take up residence in your home and be an adored piece of art as much as any other. Years down the line you can even get one of these custom made as an anniversary gift for your spouse, parents, or grandparents.

There is so much potential for your wedding and your home. You're only adding value to your beloved memories by sealing them in a permanent fixture such as Jewish art. There's no reason to pass up an opportunity to let your love shine. Don't you want the art to be as beautiful as the life you're building for yourself and your family?

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