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Bookmark and Share          Republish is a 21st century online site that allows users to create permanent memorials in honor of those that have departed. While that is the primary purpose of this site, the site offers many features that are both useful and beneficial. is something different to everyone, but for family and friends of the departed it is a great way to keep the departedís life story in one memorial site.

Currently has 15,000 members, more than 6,700 memorials and more than 37,000 tributes. Those figures only tells part of the story.

The technology makes it easy for the memorial creators or those posting tributes to upload photos that can be posted with a tribute or obituary at the permanent online memorial site. Creating and posting a memorable tribute is a healing experience. Not only is honor paid to the departed but also the process of expressing oneís feelings is rewarding.

Now slideshows, albums and even videos can be posted at the online memorial. This is a great opportunity to share your most humorous remembrances or describe your most powerful experiences about the departed with those that really care.

The creators of the online memorial are often surprise by the number of visitors their memorial receives. Sometimes, people who have not been seen or heard from for years post a tribute. Persons that went to schools or college with the departed may also surface. All this input is helpful in painting the departedís life story and can be especially moving to the family and friends. has proven to be a place where people share their grief with others in the same situation. The site hosts several groups that help each other with the grieving process.

In addition to the grieving groups, users can also create their own group of people connected by the departed. When the memorial is created, send a friendly notice to family members and friends that might be interested in visiting the site. Then, watch how the word of the memorial spreads. Visit often because every tribute expresses an emotional experience that will keep the departedís life story alive.

Every memorial is unique. Users may customize the memorial with a choice of themes. The real personality in every memorial comes from tributes and expressions of fond remembrances. The process is a permanent tribute to the departed but it is also a place where survivors meet to remember the lost one.

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